Dear Friends,

Welcome to another exciting season with the Bedford Women’s Club! 
Lois Wyse has a book entitled Women Make the Best Friends.  She asserts that from age nine to nineteen to ninety, the one constant that marks each stage of a woman’s life is the importance of the friendships she has made.  In the best of times and in the worst of times, it is our friends who sustain us, cheer us, and see us through whatever surprises life throws our way. For 112 years, the Bedford Women’s Club has provided the opportunity to expand your circle of friends.  By joining a new interest group, volunteering your time in committee work or fund raising, you are opening yourself up to new friends.  By playing together or working together new bonds will develop.  The more people you know, the more at home you will feel in the Bedford Women’s Club, and the fuller your life will be.  We are a large organization and it is easy for someone to feel lost among all the members at the General Meetings.  Please make an effort to help everyone feel welcome, especially new members.     

The BWC Board has spent the summer planning all sorts of activities and fundraising events that are not to be missed!  Please remember that our objective is not only to foster social and cultural relationships among our members but to also provide scholarships and make charitable contributions to organizations serving the Bedford community.  Your participation is crucial to our success! 

Here’s to a wonderful 2017-2018!
Margie McKinney and Gen Miller



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