Bedford Women's Club

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President's Newsletter

Dear Friends,

To all members of the Bedford Women's Club, welcome back to what will be a unique season of the BWC.

Our club has enjoyed an amazing history since its inception in 1905, from the first meeting of the 'Child Study Circle", into the 1918 Pandemic and through the difficult times of both WWI and WWII. We can only imagin what challenges our BWC sisters faced during those times. We have supported causes including child education in the early years, making masks during the Pandemic in coordination with the Bedford Sewing Battalion, to working in the war efforts for the Bedford Red Cross during both World Wars. Our Educational Scholarships were started in the 40's and continue to be one of the main goals of our club today.

The current Pandemic of 2020 has placed a few challenges for this generation of the BWC. Unlike our predecessors, we are fortunate to have technology that will allow our members to meet virtually. This will enable our ability to continue to support our mission of both Educational Scholarships and Charitable Donations, but also importantly, to continue to maintain our friendships and camaraderie amoung all members during these times of social distancing. We believe our members are up to the unusual challenges facing us today. We are proud to serve as Co-Presidents of such an amazing club with such a rich history. 

Good Health and Happiness to all in this 2020/2021 season!

Janis Manno and Becki Kuhns