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Monthly Programs

Thursday September 24 - Business Meeting

11.30am - 2.30pm:  Zoom Call

This is a MEMBERS ONLY business meeting (existing and new active members)  where the year's activities will be finalized.

Thursday January 28: 11.30am - General Program/Scam, Fraud and Personal Safety Advice

Officer Whitney Mansfield, Bedford Police Dept Officer of the Quarter,   answered questions from BWC members on scams, frauds and Bedford police incidents. Whitney is a relative newcomer to Bedford, coming from Lunenburg, Ma.  The recorded Zoom Presentation is here available to view









Thursday May 20 - Annual May Luncheon

Location to be determined.


Thursday April 22: 11.30am - General Business Meeting

Zoom Presentation. Meeting ID & passcode will be emailed separately to members.

This is a MEMBERS ONLY meeting.


Date & Time to Be Confirmed - Frank Lloyd Wright Houses in Manchester, with a special focus on the newly acquired Kalil House

Speaker John Herper, Docent form the Currier Museum of Art

John will present to the BWC as soon as the Currier Museum finalizes the program and opens Kalil House to the public.

Thursday March 25: 11.30am - General Program; 12.30pm - Video to Showcase the Recent Developments at the Farm and New Farm Stand

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID & passcode will be emailed separately to members.

Speaker Michelle Moore, member of the Board of Directors at the Educational Farm at Joppa Hill.

The Educational Farm at Joppa Hill is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of New Hampshire through hands-on experience. Michelle will showcase the various programs and events available to the Bedford Community.



Thursday February 18: 11.30am - General Program/Recorded Interviews with Past BWC Presidents and Members

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID & passcode will be emailed separately to members.

The Bedford Women's Club was organized by the women of Bedford in 1905 as the 'Child Study Circle'. the organization was renamed in 1949 as the Bedford Women's Club.

Today's program will focus on the recent 50 years of BWC, beginning with the administration of Past President Elaine (Nelson) Tefft in 1971. Since 1971 40 women have led the BWC. Scrapbooks and memorabilia from past years are available to view/study. Recorded and 'live' interviews of several Past Presidents and former members will describe activities, monthly meetings and fundraisers through the years.



Thursday January 14: 1pm - Exploring the Life of One of the First Local Female Pilots, Bernice Blake Perry

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID & passcode will be emailed separately to members.

Speaker Ed Brouder, Local Historian and Educator

Thursday October 8: 12.30pm - "Stop Trafficking US"

Zoom presentation and Questions & Answers. Meeting ID & Passcode will be emailed to members.

Speaker Catherine Wilson. Via public and private speaking engagements, social media, TV, radio, and print, 'Stop Trafficking US' works to educate the community on the life cycle of abuse and the horrific domino effect that occurs after a child has been sexually abused in any way. Please view the link below prior to the zoom meeting - (approximately 60 minutes)

Thursday December 10: 12.30pm - Religion and Spiritual Symbols in Art

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID & passcode will be emailed separately to members. 

Speaker Nancy Baker, Docent from the Currier Museum of Art

Sacred art is powerful, it touches the deepest spiritual longings of the people who create and view it. We see possibility and promise in both the subject and the artist. Religious art traces the story of faith in every culture. Its motifs, symbols and allusions help us uplift our minds to the spiritual. This talk will look at the long history of religious art through the works in the collection of the Currier Museum of Art, as well as offer a glimpse at the art of the Nativity, a part of the celebration of advent season.

November 26 2020 to December 3 - BWC TIME AND TALENT AUCTION - ONLINE!  

Since 2002, the Time and Talent Auction has been our largest fundraiser of the year. 

We have decided to combine it with our Holly Auction to create an impressive ONLINE event.

Over the past 10 years we have donated over $100,000 to support charities which serve Bedford and to provide scholarships to both high school seniors and adult women continuing their education. In conjunction with you will be able to view and bid on items for 10 days, just in time for the holidays.  Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday - join us for BWC Friday and Charity Monday! It’s easy, it’s fun, and the monies raised will go to our Scholarships and Charities fund. 

Think about what creative item you would like to donate, or what service  you might like to offer. It should be something you love doing and would be happy to provide to the highest bidder. Past items include:  a hosted Day at the Lake, gorgeous knitted scarves, custom container gardens, multi-course dinners, and computer tech help. The variety of contributions is always a joy to see!

Information regarding item submission, logging onto the website, bidding for items, paying for items, and receiving items will follow.

Thursday November 19: 11.30am - General Program/Awaiting Confirmation

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID  & Passcode will be emailed to members

Thursday November 12: 12:30 pm - Cooking for 1 or 2

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID & Passcode will be emailed to members. 

Speaker Liz Barbour – Local Chef, Cookbook Writer, Owner of the Creative Feast

One- and two-person households are the fastest growing segment of the population. It can be tricky when cooking for one (or even two) to make the most of your ingredients and your time.  Join Chef Liz Barbour of The Creative Feast for this fun and  delicious cooking demonstration.  Liz will help you fill  your pantry with quick cooking, small batch ingredients that will be cost effective, healthy, and easy to prepare.

Wednesday October 28: 1:00pm - Kitchen and Bathroom Trends and Practical Updates and How to Make Homes User Friendly As We Age

Zoom Presentation - Meeting ID & Passcode will be emailed to members.

Speaker Meghan Collins – Interior Designer, Allied A.S.I.D.

Meghan has been practicing Interior Design for over twenty years.  She received an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education from Princeton University, and a Professional Certificate of Interior Design from NH Institute of Art. Meghan offers full service Interior Design, including space planning, kitchen and bath design, remodels and additions, flooring and tile design, color and paint selections, furnishings and accessories, and pretty much anything you can imagine for inside and sometimes even outside your home.  She also has a related business of rehabbing old homes. Meghan and her husband currently reside in Bedford and have raised their three children right across the street from her childhood home.

Friday October 23: 12:30pm - Learn to Paint with Watercolors

John O'Shaughnessy, Painter & Art Educator at the Currier Art Center

Zoom one hour virtual class - Meeting ID & Passcode will be emailed to members.

Speaker John O'Shaughnessy, Painter & Art Educator at the Currier Art Center

John will demonstrate methods of achieving a sense of light, using the artwork from the Thursday session as a reference, and encourage students to participate with him by doing paintings of their own.  Paper and paintbrush will be provided.  Watch your email for the sign-ups and further details.

Thursday October 22: 11.30am - General Program/Exploring the Light in Landscape Paintings

Zoom General Program Meeting 11.30pm: Program Meeting 12.30pm. ID & Passcode will be emailed to members.

Speaker John O'Shaughnessy, Painter & Art Educator at the Currier Art Center

John O’Shaughnessy will lead you on a virtual tour of the majesty and sense of  light that was attained by the Hudson River School painters. Using the Currier Museum's painting, Moat Mountain in Intervale, by Alfred Bierstadt as the starting point, participants will be encouraged to look closely while John draws attention to some of the ways Bierstadt used light and shadow to achieve a sense of calm and drama within the same painting. Other Hudson River School Artists, Thomas Cole, Jasper Cropsey and Martin Heade will also be highlighted as time allows.