Annual Dues are $50. Fiscal year begins in June. New members starting after Jan 1 are $25.

Mail checks to BWC Membership, PO Box 10015, Bedford, NH 03110


Active – May attend all meetings and programs, participate in interest groups, vote, hold office and serve on committees. All active members MUST perform hospitality duty at one meeting per year, serve on one monthly membership committee and pay full dues.

Associate (Grandfathered) -  No New Associate Memberships Granted)- Women whose commitments prevent attending monthly meetings.  Associates pay full dues, may participate in interest groups and serve on committees; may not vote or hold office. If able to attend a meeting, hospitality service or $10.00 fee will be due. 

Life - Available to BWC members with ten years Active, accrued club membership who attain the age of seventy-five.  Not required to pay dues or serve on Luncheon committees.

Non - Resident – Permanent residence is more than 50 miles from Bedford; exempt from club duties; pay one half of Active annual membership dues; may not vote or hold office.   Non-resident members may attend meetings and participate in interest groups and committees.


Groups may get together weekly, monthly or spontaneously. Interest Group Chair(s) notify group leaders of members who want to participate.  If you would like to start a new interest group, please contact the Interest Group Chair(s).    Only BWC members may participate in Interest Group activities.


Calling – Responsible for notifying 12-15 members about upcoming meetings and accepting RSVP’s.

Charitable Donations – Board appointed committee with oversight of annual donation requests from local 501.c3 non-profit organizations.  Committee makes recommendations for annual Charitable Donations to BWC Board and Club membership.

Community Service – With Committee Chair, coordinates monthly donations for local charities and service organizations.

Fundraising – Assists 2nd Vice Presidents with new fundraising ideas and implements fundraising plan for the year.

Greeters – Be a friendly face at monthly luncheon meetings.  Welcome  prospective members,  new members and guests.

Holly Luncheon - Help plan and organize our festive, elegant BWC December tradition.

Membership – Help attract women to be a part of BWC.  Assists Chairs with New Member Coffee and check-in at meetings.

Olde Towne Day – Along with other Bedford organizations, represent the BWC at a festive fall day for all ages.

Program – Assist 1st VPs with selection and implementation of monthly programs and organize the May Basket Luncheon.

Public Relations – Submit articles and notices of club news to local papers.

Scholarship – Assist Chairs with annual publicity, selection, and awarding of scholarships for High School Seniors and Non-Traditional Age Women.

Strawberry Festival – Be a BWC presence at Community-wide event on a Sunday in mid-June.

Time & Talent Auction – Assist with our lively major fundraiser auction and luncheon/dinner.

Transportation - Offer to drive members needing rides to BWC meetings and events.

Website - Help maintain the BWC website by updating with current information.

Yearbook - Help compile, edit and proofread annual BWC yearbook.


Online Membership Form

To become a member, fill out a membership form and mail in your membership dues.

You can print the Paper Form here- NEW MEMBERSHIP PAPER FORM


Use the Online Form Below

2021-22 Membership Application Form

New Membership Open to Bedford Residents Only