Bedford Women's Club

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Charitable Donations

Each year the Bedford Women’s Club donates to local organizations that directly impact the Bedford, New Hampshire community.  Requests must be postmarked no later then February 15th.  Requests are then reviewed by the Charitable Donations Committee and recommendations are made to the BWC Executive Board at its March Board Meeting. Recommended charities and amounts are presented and voted upon by the BWC membership at the April BWC business meeting.  Disbursements are made in May.    To request a charitable donation,  fill out this  Charitable Donations Form.  



                Bedford Community Pantry                      $1,350

                Meals on Wheels                                         $1,000

                Bedford Public Library                                  $650

                Bedford Historical Society                            $500

                Stand By Me, Lurgio School                         $400

                Upreach Therapeutic Equestrian Center   $400
                TOTAL                                                            $4,300  


2019 Charitable Donations