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Elana plans to apply her $1,500 award to further her education in performing arts at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Samantha plans to apply her $1,000 award toward her Bachelor of Science in nursing at UNH/Durham.

Ryan plans to apply her $1,500 award toward her Bachelor of Science in biology at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York.

Elana Weintraub

Samantha Harrington

Ryan McCarthy

Sandra O'Loughlin

Sandra has been awarded $1,000 as the recipient of the Bedford Women’s Club 2020 Nontraditional Scholarship for Bedford Women. O’Loughlin is pursuing a Master of Business Administration at New England College. She is a physician assistant and specializes in health care informatics.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

The Josephine A. Fearon Scholarship for High School Seniors was presented to Elana Weintraub of The Derryfield School in Manchester, and Samantha Harrington and Ryan McCarthy of Bedford High School.  

2020 Nontraditional Scholarship Recipient