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Andrew Genese,left and Aishwarya Deva were each awarded a $1,500 scholarship Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs Franki Sidore and Ellen Muller.

Andrew Genese, an all-around student, is a talented musician. Andrew has been Captain of the Bedford High School Marching Band. He will attend James Madison University in Harrison, Virginia, this fall. James Madison University has the largest collegiate marching band in the country.


Aishwarya Deva had a positive experience volunteering at Elliott Hospital, Aish wants to pursue a career in health care.  She hopes to be a doctor who can use medicine to make someone‚Äôs life better.  She will attend Northeastern University in the fall.

Catherine Whitney, left, and Kayleigh Roper, right were each awarded a $1,500 scholarship

Catherine Whitney, a school nurse at Bartlett Elementary School in Goffstown, is currently enrolled in Walden University earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a Specialization in Nursing Education 


Kayleigh Roper is enrolled as a nontraditional student in the Granite State Teacher Education Program with a focus on Special Education and English. Kaleigh is employed by the Bedford School District as a K Plus Paraprofessional.

2019 Traditional Scholarship Recipients

2019 Nontraditional Scholarship Recipients